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All That Malarkey are a classical cabaret act who are dedicated to bringing audiences a fresh sounding, entertaining theatre show, boasting brand new arrangements of pop songs, sketches, fairy tales, extraordinary medleys and entrancing ballads - all with the Malarkey twist!

With their wide ranging repertoire and regularly updated stage programmes ATM deliver a “wonderfully different show” that comes in several thrilling packages!

Performance Packages

All That Malarkey – Main Show

“An ecclectic mash-up of operatic fusions, comedy, pop and R&B whilst still maintaining a vibe of being transported to a 1940s musical.”
The “All That Malarkey” classical cabaret show comes in a variety of shapes and sizes masterfully tailored to suit each individual venue, client and event. Malarkey’s operatic approach and “striking, bold and often humorous” interpretations of household favourites highlight the ensemble’s diversity with an eclectic mix from The Beatles to Bruno Mars, Gershwin to Gloria Gaynor and Disney to Dusty Springfield! ATM perform as a 5-piece ensemble (4 classically trained singers and the MD/Accompanist/Compere)

Performance Length

Dependent on the structure of your event, performance duration can be tailored to each event. Performances range from 40 – 90 minutes.

The Malarkey Band

In addition to the acoustic package, ATM offer the option of including a stunning live big band to accompany the ensemble who have accompanied us on tours, to the roaring elation of delighted/enraptured audiences.
  • Full band (14 players)
  • Chamber band (6 players)
  • Rhythm (piano/drums/bass – trio)

Composer in residence

Bespoke Musical Arrangements for your event can be negotiated by our composer-in-residence David George Harrington. Please ask for details.

All That Chrismas Malarkey

“Completely refreshing, camp as Christmas – a thrilling package”.
Spanning Christmas classics old and new, from house hold favourites to classic hymns and hilarious seasonal sketches, All That Malarkey have Christmas all wrapped up! Including entrancing ballads of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “The Power Of Love”, bonkers sketches; “I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus” and extraordinary, crowd-pleasing Christmas medleys like you’ve never heard before.

Performance Length

Dependent on the structure of your event, performance duration can be tailored to each event. Performances range from 40 – 90 minutes.

The Mad Hatter Presents… All That Malarkey

(Childrens Show)

All That Malarkey and Musical Director “Mad Hatter” David Harrington invite you to a musical tea party like no other! Introducing children to the operatic style through “sophisticated silliness” with songs from Fairytales to Frozen and even a Kids TV medley.

Performance Length

Full Show – 1 hour

Glitterball – A Musical Celebration of Gay Artists.

“Ballads, fairytales, theatrical medleys from Bonnie Tyler to Gloria Gaynor, Britten to Britney and hilarious sketches including Dusty Springfield, Noel Coward and The Village People! ATM’s vibrant stage show “shines a light on the achievements of extravagently gay musicians” plus a glittering showcase of the catchiest and best loved anthems associated and cherished by gay culture.

Performance Length

Full Show – 1 hour or 2 hours